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About RMC
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The objective of Reservoir Monitoring Consortium (RMC) is to develop new methods for dynamic reservoir monitoring. We will carry out a number of focused applied research projects  in reservoir monitoring that are directly pertinent to the current and future needs of our industry sponsors. We will develop specific workflows for different types of reservoirs. This will include the conventional reservoirs (e.g. carbonate, clastic, deep waters) and the unconventional reservoirs (shales, tight sands, heavy oils, and geothermal). This will be preceded by the identification of the key technology gaps with input from the project sponsors. We will then focus on major issues such as integration of disciplines, data, information, and expertise. We will maintain a balance between short and long term, high impact research goals and the immediate and foreseen industry needs. One key distinguishing edge of RMC compared to other academic consortia is its focus on multi—disciplinary aspect of reservoir monitoring.

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